Kola is one of Miios two close friends.



Orange fox with white markings and black eyes.

Kola bust pencil


Kola is bold and compassionate. She cares deeply for her kin and community. She has a strong will and is wise, but will act out of passion and can be blunt and merciless. She can be broody but is generally lighthearted and loves to play and make friends. She is intensely loyal and knows no fear when she stands for what she believes in. She is fast and agile and skilled at most athletics. She is also knowledgeable about and can operate most machinery.



Kola has no dedicated job, she spends her time helping with maintenance and chores within the fox community. She also has many hobbies she spends her time on.


She lives in the foxes quarter in Little City with her father and siblings.


She has a father who is alive and a mother who was killed in the conflict. She has four siblings all of whom who she is close with.

She has many friends.

She is close friends with Miio and considers him part of her family.


Kolas mother played a large part in the conflict. She was a skilled pilot and one of the few who struck down the leaders of the rabbit and cat alliance. Kola was born after her mothers death and greatly admires her even though she never knew her.

She is aware of the resistance and keeps close tabs on her fathers activities.

Kola is unaware of Miios origins.

She actively dislikes Alexander and is not afraid to show it.