A small city on the coast. Its able to exist on the planets surface because of Circle City and its accompanying atmosphere field. The city is an experiment headed by Bishop, its goal is to collect research that will help with continuing life on the planet.



City Center

Tall buildings on a sloping hill on the bay.

Outer City

A variety of buildings that skirt the inner city, apartments, businesses and factories. Primary home for cats, but rabbits and foxes live here as well. Other buildings range from administration and management, to factories used in processing raw material from farms


Where goods are shipped in and out of the city.


Where goods are sold and distributed.

Construction Hub

Large machines underground directly below transportation hub, used to build the city and construct large objects.

Transport Hub

Where transport vessels are stowed and sent out from, all rails connect to here.

Rabbit Homes

A nice lush living area where rabbits make homes.

Fox Quarter

A area designated to foxes to build their homes and whatever else they want.

Solar Farm

Vast plots of bio engineered nano bots.

Organic Farms

Surrounding the city and expanding relatively far outward onto the surface. Farms of pants, trees, fungus, bacteria, and some small animals.This region appears natural and wild but is closely tended and controlled. All lifeforms have been engineered and purposefully placed.

Lilly Wastes

At the edge of the habitable zone bio engineered lilies grow. They grow thick at the edges of the zone and thin as the edge becomes less and less safe. The air is thin and the sun is bright, the ground is barren and rocky except for the lilies.