Miio, the main character of this world.


White cat. Lime green eyes.

Miio bust pencil


Miio is quiet. They are easily overwhelmed and unable to communicate at times. They are gentle and kind hearted. They are very curious, they love to explore and collect interesting objects. They are an excellent climber, agile and fast.



Has no profession, collects scraps and misc items to sell and make money.


Lives alone in a small hut among the outer farms of Little City.


As a kitten Miio lived with a farming bunny family. They fed and took care of Miios basic needs until they were able to do so on their own. They foster many children and are not particularly close with Miio.

Kola is one of Miios closest friends, they have know each other since they were very young.

Alexander met Miio when the two where around 10-15. He sought Miio out at Little City after reading about them in his fathers notes.


Miio has a very poor memory. They lose track of the passage of time and reality often. This can make communication hard and their behavior erratic.

They are unaware of their origins.

They are not a picky eater when food is given to them, but if choosing food for themselves they will not eat meat and prefer light, primarily white colored foods.